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Autumn Term Review

We have worked for many years within Primary School PE and Sports but this was our first term as a business and we have loved every second of it.

Primary Schools

We established partnerships with two of the largest Primary Schools in Redditch (The Vaynor First School) & Bromsgrove (Charford First School) during the summer and have had a great first term working with them. The children and staff at both Schools have been incredibly friendly, welcoming and helpful to us and we'd like to thank them all for that.

Throughout the term, children can earn stars through hard-work, attitude, improvement and behaviour. At the end of the term, each star is rewarded with a little treat and the child, or children, who have earned the most stars have a chance to win the trophy. We're pleased to announce our Autumn Term trophy winners were.

The Vaynor:

Zach - Tag Rugby

Bradley - Multi Sports

Abi - Dodgeball


Bertie - Tag Rugby

We look forward to continuing our partnerships with both schools, we will be running an additional club at Charford next term, which we are really looking forward to.


As well as our Primary School partnership, we have also established a partnership with Astwood Bank Preschool and Nursery. We love to challenge ourselves and develop our knowledge and skills, so we approached Joyce Hancox, who runs the preschool, to ask if we could teach Cricket to her children. With the children ranging from 2-4 years old, this was a new experience for us but something we thought would be beneficial to both us and the children. Luckily Joyce shared our enthusiasm and we have since been running weekly sessions. The response from the children has been phenomenal and we can't wait to see how their skills develop in the future. Thank you Joyce and the rest of the team.

Class Cricket

We set up our Class Cricket Project midway through the Autumn Term. The reason for the project is to make Cricket more exciting for children aged 5-9 by providing a version of the game that engages everyone at all times. We are also helping to give teachers the tools and confidence to deliver a great Cricket session, regardless of their knowledge of Cricket.

We have been to The Vaynor First School, Feckenham First School and Tardebigge First School so far and the feedback has been outstanding. The most exciting piece of feedback is that teachers have been playing the game in PE lessons since with great success! We have one more school booked in for 2016 and are looking forward to taking Class Cricket to many, many more schools in 2017 (and possibly our first Class Cricket Tournament!). If your school would like to be part of the project, email Pete & Tom at:

Spring 2017

We are really looking forward to continuing our excellent current partnerships. We are also excited about several new partnerships and projects that we are finalising for the Spring term.

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