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Boro's Footy Stars

Join us to enhance your child's enjoyment of learning the game of Football.

Helping children to develop their understanding of the game and to improve their grasp of fundamental football skills. Our dedicated coaching team are on hand to provide a fun and engaging training session.

We have a variety of opportunities to train for children aged from Reception to Year 8 at school (Age 4 -  12). Check out what sessions we offer above.

How Do I Join?


You can either pay weekly or join with a monthly subscription (best value). We have a range of monthly subscriptions which allow your children to train up to 3 times per week (age depending).

Contact us directly if you would like any further information before you join us:

Natalie Alexander
Head of Football Development
Join for Best Value

Should you want to join with siblings or do multiple sessions per week, book with one of our plans listed below for better value

  • Boro Footy Stars x1

    Every month
    • 1 session per week for 1 child
  • Boro Footy Stars x2

    Every month
     7 day free trial
    • 1 x Weekly Session for 2 Siblings or
    • 2 x Weekly Sessions for 1 Child
  • Boro Footy Stars x3

    Every month
    • 1 x Weekly session for 3 Siblings
  • Boro Footy Stars x4

    Every month
     7 day free trial
    • 2 x Weekly sessions for 2 siblings

Payments are collected once a month automatically from the date that you set as the start date. Subscriptions can be cancelled any time.


Don't take our word for it, here's the view of our customers

"I have been taking my 2 sons to football training over the past couple of years and can honestly say they loved every minute! Pete and Nat and all the other coaches are excellent with all of the kids and i would highly recommend! Thanks again."

Dave, Boro's Footy Stars Parent


Session Plans

Our Football Coaching Scheme of Work

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