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Astwood Bank Cricket Club Partnership

We are very pleased to announce that we will be coordinating the Rookies section at Astwood Bank Cricket Club this season. The rookies section is for 4-8 year olds and is on Friday nights from 6:00pm. The start date for training is likely to be Friday 28th April, for up to date news on this 'like' the Astwood Bank Cricket Club Facebook page.

For those who have never been to Astwood Bank Cricket Club on a Friday evening, this is a huge club at the heart of the local community with 100's of youngsters from Astwood Bank and the wider surrounding areas taking part in weekly training sessions and matches. The club has also invested significantly in a brand new pavillion, which will play host to the vast amounts of parents, members and locals who turn every Friday evening during the summer into a massive social occasion.

For those who don't know AU Sport & Education, it is a Sports Coaching business who specialise in teaching sport to primary aged children. It is run by Pete Alexander and Tom Underhill who both, conveniently, happen to play for Astwood Bank Cricket Club.

Astwood Bank Cricket Club already has one of, if not THE, largest rookies sections in the county. Our partnership with the club has been established in order to further increase the number of children joining the club at this age. More importantly though, with Astwood Bank being an expanding club with a growing number of boys, girls, mens and womens teams, we are going to focus on increasing the number of youngsters who choose to continue to play the game once they have reached the Under 9 age group and beyond.

We have worked with this age range for over a decade. We have a good understanding of the needs of the children, how we can develop and sustain everyone's interest in the sport and how we can ensure that everyone has a fair chance to develop and progress up through the age groups.

Ensuring that coaching standards are high, training is progressive and games are fun will be at the heart of our philosophy. There will also be a few changes to the overall structure on Friday nights to ensure that we can deliver great sessions to large numbers of youngsters.

Astwood Bank Cricket Club is a club that belives in sustainability and therefore invests heavily in the development of it's players and coaches. Once players progress through to the older junior age groups and into the senior teams they continue to receive expert coaching from a range of 'in-house' and external professional coaches.

We look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks time for what is sure to be an exciting season for everyone. You can turn up any night to try it out but If you've never been along before and want to know more, we'd love to hear from you. Email Pete and Tom at or call Pete on 07855887563.

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