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Work Experience

Redditch, UK

Job Type

1 Week Voluntary

About the Role

Supporting our coaching team at school sessions, sports clubs or our own academy sessions. You will be expected to help set up sessions, preparing for children's arrival, help demonstrate activities with the coach and children, be a positive role model with your body language and appearance, engage with the children and help them in their activities with understanding, use appropriate communication / language at all times, help pack away equipment. A confident candidate will earn the opportunity to lead some parts of sessions under our staffs supervision.


Work hours vary. We run sessions from 9am - 7pm most days and have occasional weekend work too. We will discuss a plan that fits for both parties.

We have limited places available each year and receive multiple requests so please apply early. Thank you.

Candidates may have the opportunity to extend their role beyond their work experience assignment into a coaching role.