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Having trouble booking or subscribing?

If you have already purchased a monthly subscription, you should be able to book our sessions without being charged (assuming you haven't used up your 5/10 sessions). If you find that you can't book a session for free and you should be able to, it may be that you are using a different profile to book to the one you originally used to subscribe. The same applies for viewing live workouts. You'll need to be logged in using the account that you purchased your subscription with.

When you logged in to our site to make the purchase of your subscription, your subscription is allocated to that account. It may be that you signed up by entering an email address + password or you may have logged in using Facebook or Google. Whichever method you used to make that subscription purchase, is the method you need to use each time you book a session. Even if you appear to be logged in as yourself, you may (without realising you've done it) have more than one account/profile set up with us if you have used more than one method to log in/sign up to our site.

So try logging out and logging back in using a different method of log in first of all. If you still have trouble booking or have forgotten how you signed up originally, text 07855887563 with your issue and we will find a way to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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