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Easter Holiday Sports Discount

We have now finalised our dates for the Easter Holidays and will be running on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of both weeks at Astwood Bank Primary School.

Our usual times are available with main activities being 9:30am - 4:30pm and the option of an early drop from 8:30am and a late pick up until 5:30pm.

Daily costs are £20 (with additional siblings £16). As we did with Half-Term, we are offering you the chance to book early and recieve a 25% discount. This will be available throughout February when booking on our website. The code has been emailed to all of our existing customers and is also available in the forum section of the website.


Tuesday 3rd April

Wednesday 4th April

Thursday 5th April

Tuesday 10th April

Wednesday 11th April

Thursday 12th April

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