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Team Passing

Team Passing

Each player should be able to pass the ball with accuracy and controlling the weight of the pass as well as direction

Players should pass the ball to teammates who are on the move, anticipating where they will be and passing the ball to that space.

Activity 1:

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Chase Warm Up

5 mins


  1. Set up 3 straight lines of cones - a middle line where the games of rock, paper, scissors will take place and then a line on each side of it approximately 5m away from the centre line, this is for players to run to.

  2. Pair up your group and get them to stand opposite one another on the middle line. Each player should have a bib which they tuck into the back of their shorts as a tag.

  3. They should then play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

  4. The losing player has to turn and run to the line behind them

  5. The winning player has to chase the losing player and try to tag them before they cross the line.

  6. If the player makes it over the line before being tagged, they earn a point. If they are tagged, the player that makes the tag gets the point.

  7. Repeat for as long as desired. Change opponents for a more social aspect to the game

Teaching Points:


  • Cones

  • Bibs

Pass & Move - Holding Midfielder

Activity 2:

15 mins


  1. Mark out a box, approximately 5m x 5m, with a 'gate' (2 cones of the same colour about 2 steps wide) in each corner. Each gate will need to be a different colour (eg. Red, Blue, Yellow & Green)

  2. You can have either 1 team or 2 teams per box and you want to have a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 6 players in a team.

  3. 1 player in the team starts as the 'Holding Player', they are in the middle of the box.

  4. The remaining players in the team are the 'Receivers'. They will need a ball each and be positioned anywhere around the outside of the box.

  5. To start the game, the holding player shows and calls for the ball from one of their receivers. The receiver then passes their ball to the holding player and as they pass it call out one of the 4 corner colours - the receiver then has to immediately and quickly sprint around the outside of the box to the colour gate that they called out.

  6. The holding player on receiving the ball has to quickly pass the ball through the colour gate that was called out. Aiming to pass the ball at the correct speed so that it reaches the receiver as they reach the gate.

  7. The holding player then has to show and call for the next pass from one of their other receivers.

  8. Play for 60 seconds awarding a poont for each accurate pass through the goals to make it competitive.

  9. Rotate to give a different player a turn in the middle until everyone has taken a turn as the holding player.

  • Encourage loud, early and clear verbal communication. You can also encourage visual communication too.

  • Body position of the holding player, should be open rather than square on to their outer player when receiving the ball to allow them to find the gate quicker

  • Outer players are to move quickly to their chosen gate in order to allow the holding player as firm a pass as possible

  • Holding players are to pass immediately when they receive the ball and NOT wait for the receiver to reach their gate before passing

Teaching Points:


  • Cones

  • Footballs

  • Bibs

Activity 3:

5 Passes Game

15 mins


  1. Set up a playing area using some markers, the area needs to be big enough for 2 teams of approximately 5 players to have space to move and pass

  2. Pick teams of between 4-6 players. Have multiple pitches if needed.

  3. 2 teams play against one another

  4. The aim is to keep posession and complete 5 consecutive, successful passes to score a point.

  5. Posession is given to the opponents if:

  6. An opposing player touches or intercepts the ball

  7. The ball goes out of the playing area

  8. (Netball/Basketball/Cricket - if the ball is dropped by the receiver)

  9. A team completes the 5 passes and scores a point

  10. When a team has scored 3 points, they should then have to make 10 successful passes to score a point.

You may notice during this game - particularly in a PE lesson - that some players find it difficult to get involved. This is often down to a lack of good movement into spaces, poor communication or children only passing to their friends or players they trust. This is a good game to highlight some of these issues to help players and teams play better.

Teaching Points:

  • Move into space when your team has posession
  • Make passes where a pass is available
  • out of Posession, look to close down opponents and apply pressure. Work as a team to both press and mark players


  • Bibs

  • Ball

  • Markers

Activity 4:

3 Touch Football

20 mins


  1. Set up a football pitch
  2. Pick two teams
  3. Give out bibs to each team
  4. Ask team captains to organise their team into positions
  5. Play normal football rules but include a free kick if any player has more than 3 touches when in possession of the ball.

Teaching Points:

  • Your first touch is important. Look to get the ball under control straight away (or you could pass first touch)
  • Scan (look around) the pitch as often as possible to aid your decision making upon recieving the ball
  • Off the ball movement needs to be good to give your teammates an option whenever they receive the ball





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