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Pass & Move Possession

Pass & Move
  • To be able to find space where you can receive a pass.
  • Pick a pass to a player that is on the move
  • Communicate with teammates
  • Mark a specific opponent

Activity 1:

Rolly Ball Game

15 mins


A fun warm up activity based in 2 teams.


The aim is to pass the ball amongst the team by rolling it and eventually score by rolling the ball to a teammate in the goal square.


This game is great for working on ground fielding and pick ups. Gets players moving and thinking too. Also a good game for team work and team building.


Can be adapted to involve catches or bounce throws too. Can also use different methods of scoring.

Teaching Points:

Pick Ups

  • Head still and over the ball
  • Hands fingers down and together
  • Get low as you receive the ball

The game should be played at a high speed, you can impose a time limit on the ball carrier if needed to speed things up.


Empty the Circle - Passing Game

Activity 2:

20 mins


  1. You will need 2 teams of approximately 6 or 7 players
  2. Mark out a square playing area approximately 30m x 30m and then within that square mark out a circle ensuring there is around a minimum of around a 3m gap at the narrowest points at the edge of the square.
  3. Each team should choose one player who starts the game on the outside of the circle. Everyone else starts inside the circle.
  4. Players on the outside cannot go inside the circle and players inside the circle cannot go outside of the circle.
  5. In order to get a player out of the circle, the ball must be passed from an outside player, to a player on the same team on the inside of the circle (the ball can then be passed as many or as little times as you want or need within the circle as long as you keep posession), then it needs to be passed back to the teammate on the outside of the circle. The player that made the pass out then comes out of the circle
  6. Players on the outside of the circle can tackle other players on the outside of the circle
  7. Players inside the circle can tackle other players inside the circle
  8. The game is over when everyone has left the circle by one of the teams

Teaching Points:

  • Players need to continually look for space when their team is in posession to be available for a pass. Body shape is crucial with the shape of the game meaning the game evolves all around you. Open your body to be able to scan as much of the area as possible
  • Out of posession, you need to mark your player. They'll be on the move constantly. Think about where you need to be to stop the easy pass back out of the circle. Try to force them to play the extra pass within the circle if you can.


  • Marker cones
  • Bibs
  • Football

Activity 3:

Football Matches

25 mins


  1. Mark out a football pitch (or pitches) with a relevant size for the number of players per team
  2. Pick your teams
  3. Give teams bibs or a kit etc
  4. Explain the basic rules that they will need to follow
  5. Play
  6. Complete a set of round robin fixtures or similar

Teaching Points:

  • Aim of the game is to work together to get the ball into the opponents goal while keeping it away from your own.
  • Teach children how to restart the game when the ball goes out of play (goal kicks, throw ins, corners etc)






Activity 4:


Teaching Points:


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