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Easy Possession

Easy Possession

We are working on easy possession. We would like to see children being able to control and then release the ball before being closed down by a defender.

Activity 1:

Diamond of Pressure

10 mins


Mark out a diamond/square shape with a cone on each corner.


There should be approximately 3 players on each cone to start the game and a ball at the front KF one of the lines.


The player with the ball starts by passing the ball to the player at the front of one of the adjacent corners, you cannot pass to the opposite corner.


The player opposite the player that receives the pass should then close down the player that has received the pass. The receiver then needs to pass to another adjacent corner before they are tackled.


The player that has passed the ball should follow their pass and join the back of their queue.


The person that closed down can join the back of the queue that they closed down.

Teaching Points:

  • Passes need to be accurate and of a good speed/weight
  • get the ball under control, cushion it in front of you and then make your pass.


5 Passes Game

Activity 2:

15 mins


  1. Set up a playing area using some markers, the area needs to be big enough for 2 teams of approximately 5 players to have space to move and pass

  2. Pick teams of between 4-6 players. Have multiple pitches if needed.

  3. 2 teams play against one another

  4. The aim is to keep posession and complete 5 consecutive, successful passes to score a point.

  5. Posession is given to the opponents if:

  6. An opposing player touches or intercepts the ball

  7. The ball goes out of the playing area

  8. (Netball/Basketball/Cricket - if the ball is dropped by the receiver)

  9. A team completes the 5 passes and scores a point

  10. When a team has scored 3 points, they should then have to make 10 successful passes to score a point.

You may notice during this game - particularly in a PE lesson - that some players find it difficult to get involved. This is often down to a lack of good movement into spaces, poor communication or children only passing to their friends or players they trust. This is a good game to highlight some of these issues to help players and teams play better.

Teaching Points:

  • Move into space when your team has posession
  • Make passes where a pass is available
  • out of Posession, look to close down opponents and apply pressure. Work as a team to both press and mark players


  • Bibs

  • Ball

  • Markers

Activity 3:

Win Your Team - Possession v Pressing Drill

20 mins


  1. Mark out a football pitch, doesn't have to be big, you could play this on half a 5 a-side pitch 

  2. Split your group into teams - You ideally want around 5 or 6 players per team

  3. Each team should have a captain to choose who starts on the pitch and who enters the pitch each time your team achieve the set number of passes.

  4. Start the game with 2 players on the pitch per team

  5. Select a number of passes that your team will have to make before the next player enters (3 for low ability and 5 for high ability is about right)

  6. Start the game with a drop ball

  7. The coach (or captains) should count the number of passes out loud, captains to send the next player in when needed

  8. As soon as you have 'won' every player on your team and they are all on the pitch playing, you are allowed to score a goal. The other team continues to try to win the ball back and make more passes. The first team to score, gets the point and then you reset the game with 2 new players starting the game

Teaching Points:

  1. Pressing the Ball: 

  2. The player nearest the ball carrier should close their space down

  3. Decelerate when approaching the ball carrier and look for a mistake or miscontrol to pounce on in order to make a tackle

  4. If you are not the one nearest the ball carrier, you should close down/mark the nearest player in your territory so they can't accept a pass easily

  5. Reactions are key. A split second of switching off, not reacting, sulking because you got tackled, being half hearted with your effort will cost you dearly in this game! 





Activity 4:

Football Matches

15 mins


  1. Mark out a football pitch (or pitches) with a relevant size for the number of players per team
  2. Pick your teams
  3. Give teams bibs or a kit etc
  4. Explain the basic rules that they will need to follow
  5. Play
  6. Complete a set of round robin fixtures or similar

Teaching Points:

  • Aim of the game is to work together to get the ball into the opponents goal while keeping it away from your own.
  • Teach children how to restart the game when the ball goes out of play (goal kicks, throw ins, corners etc)






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