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Tactical Awareness

Tactical Awareness

Children will gain an understanding of tactical elements for dodgeball games and invasion games

Activity 1:

Cops & Robbers

10 mins


Teaching Points:


Secret Agent Dodgeball

Activity 2:

20 mins


  1. Prepare a playing area with 2 even halves approximately the size of a badminton court

  2. Divide your players into teams of between 6-10 players

  3. Each team should have a captain that chooses their 'secret agent'

  4. The secret agent should be a secret from the other team and they should only tell the coach who their secret agent is

  5. The secret agent is key. If they get hit by a dodgeball or they have a throw caught by the opposition, the whole team loses the game.

  6. If regular players are hit by a ball or caught out, they have to sit on the floor on the half way line.

  7. Players can be freed back into the game by their secret agent if they come and tag them.

  8. Encourage teams to come up with strategies to disguise their secret agent, as tagging players back into the game can reveal their identity.

Teaching Points:


  • Dodgeballs

  • Markers

  • Bibs

Activity 3:

Capture the Flag

20 mins


  1. Mark out a large area (size will depend on space and number of players, if using a dodgeball, you can use a smaller space) and divide it in two halves.

  2. In the back corners of each half, there should be a jail and a box for the flag. The jail will need to be a bit bigger than the box for the flag. Put these in opposite corners to the other team. Place a bib in each teams flag box

  3. Divide your players into teams (around 8-10 players per team is about right but can be flexible)

  4. While in their own half, players cannot be tagged by their opponents

  5. If a player moves into their opponents half and gets tagged, they have to go to jail.

  6. If a player makes it all the way to the flag box, they have 5 seconds of grace in the flag box where they cannot be tagged. They have to attempt to get the flag back to their own half to win the game. If they get tagged, the flag is returned and the player goes to jail.

  7. The flag cannot be passed by players, only the person that gets to the flag box can carry it back to try and win.

  8. Players can be released from jail by their teammates. A teammate must run to the jail without being tagged themselves. They can release only one player at a time and to do so, must return to their own half with that player. If they return to their own half together (connected by linking arms etc) they can walk back without being tagged by their opponents.

    Using a Dodgeball in the game:

  9. The dodgeball can be used to eliminate players. It can only be thrown by a player that is in their own half and only at a player that is in their own half.

  10. If the ball in thrown when in the opponents half, the throw doesn't count if it hits someone.

  11. Likewise if it hits someone that is in their opponents half, it doesn't count and the player can continue.

  12. The dodgeball can also be used to free players from jail. It must be thrown by a player from their own half and caught by a teammate that is in jail without bouncing. The player must be inside the jail area when they catch it for it to count.

  13. They can return to their own half without being tagged on the way if they carry the ball with them.

  • Be very strict on the perimiter area. If a players foot goes out of the sidelines (particularly in their opponents half) they should be sent to jail.

  • Be strict on players in jail remaining inside the jail area! Do not allow a player to be released from the jail if they were not inside the area when they were released.

  • Anyone breaking the rules of the game should be sent to the jail.

Teaching Points:


  • Cones/Markers

  • Bibs (for teams and as flags)

  • A Dodgeball (Optional)

Activity 4:


Teaching Points:


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