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4 Way

4 Way Games

Activity 1:

Empire Dodgeball

15 mins


Teaching Points:


Cornerball Dodgeball

Activity 2:

30 mins


  1. Split the hall into 4 equal areas

  2. Place a hoop in the back of each of the corners as far back as you can safely go

  3. Place a cone with a football on top of it, just in front of the hoop

  4. Split into 4 teams and give each team a captain

  5. The captain must choose a player to be a rescuer

  6. The rescuer is safe when they are in their hoop but is out permanantly if they get hit when not in the hoop

  7. Anyone else that gets eliminated during the game must sit or lay on the floor as a wounded soldier where they got hit or eliminated.

  8. The rescuer can tag players to release them back into the game but will have to leave their hoop to do so.

  9. The rescuer cannot release anyone once they have been eliminated themselves. Anyone hit after this point is out until the ball is knocked off the cone.

  10. The aim of the game is to knock the other teams balls off their cones and defend yours.

You can either play this game until 3 teams have been eliminated (which may result in some players sat out for long periods, which is not ideal)

Or you can award a point to a team that knocks another teams ball off the cone. The team that are knocked out can then choose a new rescuer, replace their ball and join back in the game without any need to stop the game.

Teaching Points:

  • Use your body to shield your ball but if possible, catch balls that are thrown toward you or block them with another ball

  • Rescuers should scan for danger and release players as often as possible

  • Be proactive, the best form of defense is often to attack






Activity 3:


Teaching Points:


Activity 4:


Teaching Points:


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