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Kids Sports

We have a range of kids sports activities starting up this week at AUHQ & ABCC. Most of our sessions are included with our kids sports gold membership and our Elite, Platinum and Gold fitness memberships, otherwise each session is £6 PAYG. All places must be booked online ideally more than 24 hours in advance. JOIN



Wednesdays: (




*not part of the kids sports gold membership

We also have many other new sessions in the pipeline, likely to start mid October. These include:

  • A before school breakfast sports club including a walking bus to Astwood Bank Primary.

  • A Little Lioness session for preschool age children to introduce them to basic football and general physical skills.

  • A Ball Starz session for Pre School children where children learn all sorts of skills through a variety of games and fun activities.

On top of all that, we have both Pete and Jess available for Cricket 1 to 1 coaching. These sessions are very useful for those prepping for County trials currently but also great for giving your child some expert coaching and advice in their Cricket journey.

Got a birthday coming up? Our AUHQ unit is available for hire on Sundays for chldren's parties. Email us at or for details.

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