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AU Cricket Academy


Age 7-9


March 15, 2023

+ Session Notes +

Split into 3 groups for the 4 skill driSplit into 3 x groups and rotate around the 4 skill drills


Activity 1

Band Sprint
Jess Humby
10 mins


Fast Bowling, Run Up, Seam Bowling, Swing Bowling, Bowling, Speed

You'll need a partner and a resistance band for this drill.

Your aim in this drill is to add more power into your run up and to improve your running technique.

You can do this drill both with and without a ball in your hand. When you run with the ball in your hand, try to ensure that your running technique remains the same. You'd be surprised how differently some bowlers run when they have a ball in their hand.

Pump (both) your arms as you run and drive your knees up as you run and try to gather momentum as you get nearer to the crease. Don't worry about actually bowling a ball during this drill as the band will create drag on your action which may hinder your normal bowling action and possibly cause an injury. 

Activity 2

Theraband Front Arm Drill
Dan Brookes
10 mins


Fast Bowling, Front Arm, Swing Bowling, Seam Bowling, Bowling, Spin Bowling

Improve your consistency, accuracy and power with this simple yet very effective fast bowling drill.

You'll need a theraband (elasticated fitness band) to help you (or something similar) plus a partner to hold it for you.

The band should be held from behind you by your partner and then you should hold the other end of the band with your front arm. the band should line up over your bowling shoulder (right shoulder for a right arm bowler).

You don't need to run up during this drill, just go through your action from back foot contact point. The aim is to bring your front arm down with the band remaining over your bowling shoulder and not passing over your head to the other shoulder. The person holding the band should release the band as the ball is about to be released.

You can apply resistance to your front arm to increase the power that your front arm needs to produce, therefore helping to create a more powerful, yet consistent, bowling action.

Activity 3

Flamingo Drives Drill
Pete Alexander
10 mins


Batting, Drives, Balance

This drill works on your balance and timing when playing a front foot drive.

Use underarm feeds or a feed machine. the feed needs to be very consistent and accuracte.

The batter stands on just their front foot, their back leg should try to remain off the ground for as long as possible. Try to hold your balance as you play a front foot drive.

This drill is good for focusing on balance, but also great for timing. As your front leg is still, you really have to wait for the ball in order for it to be under your eyes to hit. With your foot being still, it also makes it easier to use as a reference point (wait for the ball to be level with your foot before you strike it.

Activity 4

Bottom Hand Batting Skill Drill
Pete Alexander
10 mins


Batting, Drives, Bottom Hand

The aim of this drill is to figure out how your bottom hand manipulates the face of the bat when striking the ball.

Set up 5 targets around you from Cover to Mid-Wicket. Aim to strike the ball into each target in an anti clockwise direction and then back in a clockwise direction.

The ball should be fed consistently by a partner or feedbuddy on a straight line and full length. Use your hand to manipulate the face of the bat on contact, you may have to adjust your body shape and footwork to help create some angles but ensure that you keep your head in a steady position over the top of where you striek the ball.

Activity 5

Baseball Cricket
All Coaches
Ends with this game - 30 mins


Matchplay, Decision Making, Running, Teamwork

Utilising other striking & fielding based games can make things a little more fun but also challenges you in different ways.  

The sports share many similarities but the differences can be fun to learn and also help to enhance your skills.  

Using Baseball to aid your cricket development is great for your running between the wickets, as it requires good anticipation and communication skills.  

It is also great for fielding, as there is so much going on. You have decisions to make when fielding and trying to affect a run out. Stay one step ahead of the game and think ahead of the batters, otherwise you don’t stand a chance!

Activity 6

Pick & Flick Fielding Race
Pete Alexander
Starts with this drill - 15 mins


Fielding, Underarm Throw, Pick Ups, Warm Up

This is a fun warm up to work on attacking the ball and using an underarm throw. You'll need to do this with a wall behind the stumps or a net or something to stop the ball after it is thrown.

  1. Mark out a start line with a marker for each team

  2. Place a set of stumps at the other end for each team

  3. Place a ball for each team about 15 yards from the stumps, and leave a stack of 5 cones next to the ball.

  4. Split your group into small teams

  5. First player from each team runs to their ball, pick it up and underarm it at the stumps.

  6. If you hit the stumps, you can collect one of the 5 cones on your way back

  7. The players then collect their ball and return it to the starting place for the ball before heading back and tagging the next player in.

  8. The first team to collect all of the cones is the winning team

(You may want to add more cones if your group is likely to hit the stumps frequently or less if not)

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