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Year 3

Movement, Balance & Rhythm

Assessment Critia
  • I can work with a partner and small group to share creative ideas, explore ideas and perform a routine or sequence.

  • I can create original ideas and use movement, balance and rhythm to express them

  • I can move in time and rhythm to a beat

  • I can memorise a number of movements, shapes and balances to perform in sequence

  • I can watch, analyse and provide feedback to others performances

National Curriculum Link


  • Vocabulary

  • Communication


  • Counting


  • Counter Balancing Forces

  • Levers


  • Rhythm

  • Timing

  • Counting

  • Emotion


Ensure children are dressed appropriately - bare foot may be most suitable depemding on the activity.

Ensure that groups are spaced apart with enough room to explore movements freely without risk

Use relevant safety equipment, such as gym mats

Ensure that children are made aware of potential risks when performing movements or shapes that require such warning

Session Plans

Lesson Plans
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